We believe in
doing good work for artists.


IN Arts Creative is a team of highly skilled and innovative artists. We use our vision and skill to shine a light on other artists in our communities. 

We do this by producing creative and marketing materials for clients who are bastions of the arts, such as performing arts centers, orchestras, record labels, festivals, and publications.

Our goal is to be the #1 Creative Agency in NYC for arts & culture brands. But we don’t stop there.



Supporting Artists in the Community

Integral to our mission is providing ongoing support for local artists in our community. By offering emerging artists free marketing services and business development, our aim is to help groundbreakers earn more money for their art. For us, it’s about bringing out the best in one another, supporting one another...so we all thrive. 

This is our mission:
Artists Thrive


We thrive by helping artists thrive.

Join us and be
IN Arts.

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