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Theresa Perez


A can't-help-it effectuator, Theresa brings rainbows and unicorns to every project and ultimately just wants to make the world a better place. She's been banging on pots and pans and drawing dragons since she was a toddler. Read more...


Kabir Cardenas


A firefighter in his spare time, Kabir isn't afraid to climb on just about anything to get the perfect shot. He lives in
Los Angeles with his family and French Bulldog (named Tulip).

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Steffen Kraft


Living in Wiesbaden, Germany with his family, Steffen is a wonderfully mindful and conscious human. He loves our planet and all of the creatures in it, and uses his art to share messages of truth.


Margaret Milan Wright

Content editor & copywriter

When she's not skiing or hiking, you'll find Margaret surrounded by red-lined documents and stacks of books. A dedicated and masterful wordsmith, she lives with her family in the Hudson Valley. 

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Rogowsky Law

Legal Advisors

Headquartered in NYC, these bad-ass lawyers help us keep all our ducks in a row. The best part about this law firm (besides the resident dog, Blue) is its principal, Ms. Lili Rogowsky. She is rocking our legal world.